Common Actions

These occur on the Actions bar, menus, and within the Line Item tables.

Attachments and Linking

You can attach and link resources such as web pages, documents, files and other Salesorder documents to Customer and Supplier masters and any Document in Salesorder, i.e. Sales Order.

See Attachments and Links.

Enter on the Line Item Table

This function posts Income on Sales Documents, and Expenses on Purchase Documents to default accounts set in Setup>Configuration>Accounting>Accounts>Default Accounts.


You can print documents and configure print templates.

See Document Templates.

Show History

All Masters and Documents have an Audit Trail. This means that you can view the complete history of a Document's changes, and which user made the changes.

Master or Document>Actions>Show History

Displays complete history in chronological order.

Show Account Entries

All Documents that post to the General Ledger have this action.

Document>Actions>Show Account Entries

This displays the breakdown of Debits and Credits into the respective accounts.

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