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It's good practice to get quotes or estimates from multiple suppliers. You can use the Purchase Quote to create a list of Items for which you want the Supplier to provide you with a cost of supplying the products and services. Equally, you can use the Purchase Quote to record any details of a quote or an estimate the supplier has sent to you.

Creating a New Purchase Quote

You can create a new Purchase Quote directly from the Supplier Master from the Action Bar. Actions > New Purchase Quote.

You can also create a new Purchase Quote from The Explorer or the Purchase Quotes list using the plus icon at the top of the page, or mouse over 'Purchase Quotes' on The Explorer and click the green plus icon.

To add line items to Purchase Quotes, click 'find' and select the items from the pop-up then click 'apply'. Always remember to click save when you are finished.

Purchase Quote Key Facts

  • Purchase Quotes are used to provide a detailed Item by Item description on what you are going to buy from a Supplier. Use it to send to Suppliers for competitive tenders.

  • Issuing a Quote does not affect the associated Supplier balance.

  • The Ref # is a unique identifier/number associated with the Document.

  • The format of the Printed Document (e.g. your company logo, colors etc.) and which columns are displayed in the Line Item table are configurable.

  • Once a Quote has been created you can then generate Purchase Orders, Bills or Cash Purchases from the Quote as required.

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