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Stock Count - Need to know

Perform stock multiple stock counts simultaneously. Create, name and date, full or specified stock counts. Adjust stock, and store count history. Use barcode scanner, WMS console or printed count lists.

New Stock Count

Stock Count>Stock Counts>New

Define a stock count

Before beginning a stock count, you need to choose a stock count method and type.

Three stock count methods:

  • By Item

  • By Location

  • By Location and Item

When you choose a method you can perform two types of stock count:

  • Specify a selection of stock

  • All stock

Stock count strategies

You can create and optimize stock count strategies using the Group and Count Order parameters on individual Location configurations.

You can assign Locations to a named Group, by entering the Group name into the ‘Group’ field on each Location configuration.

You can assign a Count Order to a Location, by entering the count sequence number into the ‘Count Order’ field on each Location configuration. Count order defines where in the count sequence this location will occur.

See Locations.

To bulk create assignments use the Locations Import sheet. You’ll find this in the SOWMS plugin configuration.

See Import Locations.

You can perform a Blind Count, for example when you’re getting started and don’t want to rely on your old system’s numbers. A Blind Count forces warehouse personnel to physically count the stock at each location and enter a number.

Stock count Status

Panes and Actions

Stock count from WMS Console

See this video - Stock Count.

Stock count from Barcode Scanner

See this video - Scanner Stock Count.

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