Two Factor Authentication

Setup > Configuration > Company Security

Two-step authentication provides more reliable protection for you account.

Use the 'Google Authenticator' app to generate authentication codes (available for Android Google Play and iOS/iPadOS AppStore).

To set up an account in the application, follow the prompts and can QR code or use the Generated Secret Key (available after enabling 2FA).

Follow these steps to set up Two Factor Authentication:

Step 1: Go to Setup > Configuration > Company Security

Step 2: Make sure the document is in Edit Mode, check 'Enable Two Factor Authentication' and click save. The system will generate a Secret Key and displays it in the ‘Secret Key’ field.

After enabling Two Factor Authentication - "Show QR-code" and "Regenerate Secret Key" buttons are available.

Step 3: Click "Show QR Code": QR code appears in a separate 'Scan 2FA setting QR Code' window after clicking on "Show QR Code" button.

A new secret key can be regenerated by using the "Regenerate Secret Key" button.

Step 4: Use the 'Google Authenticator' app to scan the QR code. This will generate a 6 digit one time passcode.

Step 5: When the 2FA option is checked, this page will display after the first login page. Use the 6 digit passcode to get passed this screen. If the passcode is incorrect an error message will show.

If the passcode is correct, your user will be able to then access their Salesorder account after this page.

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