Stock View

Tells you about the persona of each instance of a Stock Item, how many you've got and where each one of them is
On the Stock view Tab, you can search for and view stock by Item (SKU code) or by Location.
Click the
icon to configure columns

Panes and >Actions

Item pane
What stock, how many
> Find
Find and view the stock level of an Item
> Select (yellow highlight)
Select an Item and view its Location
Location pane
What Locations and what's in them
> Find
Find and view a Location and it's configuration
> Select (yellow highlight)
Select a Location and view what and how much stock is stored there
Stock Summary pane
What stock is at what Location
> Select (yellow highlight)
Select and view the stock in a Location to discover
Stock Detail pane
About each stock Item
Ref # of the Sales Order the instance of the Item is assigned to when picked
the Item's serial or Lot number
the unit of measure
the ID of the Pallet the Item is assigned to