Receiving RMA in the WMS

RMA - need to know

Open RMAs appear in the RMAs pane on this tab. Which 'Site' the RMA shows up in is determined by the 'Site' setting on the RMA (and obviously the Shipping address).
See also Sales>RMA
You can use the Actions on the panes as an alternative to the Barcode scanner.
Don’t forget to set the receiving Location to ‘Can receive’ - See 'Locations'.
Click the
icon to configure columns

Panes and >Actions

RMAs pane
List of open RMAs
>Open RMAs
Lists open RMAs
>Select (row/RMA)
Displays respective RMA Line Item detail in 'RMA Item' pane
RMA Items pane
RMA Line Item detail of the selected RMA
>Select (row/RMA)
Displays Stock received for respective Item in 'RMA Stock Received' pane
>Receive (Items)
The action to recieive the associated Item (SKU)
Stock received on RMA pane
Displays the received status of Items on the selected RMA
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