Goods Out

Lets you track the progress of Orders in the Goods Out (fulfillment process). You can execute the Pick, Pack and Ship process from here

Goods Out - need to know

Shipments listing allocated stock, and SKU journey stages are displayed in the panes on this tab. Console users can intervene in the process, or use the Actions instead of the Barcode scanner.
Click the
icon to configure columns

Panes and >Actions

Orders pane
A list of Shipments and their fulfillment status, together with a set of actions to move the orders through their respective fulfillment workflows.
Two purposes, select an order to print its picking or packing slips OR select an order for shipment
>Select an Order (yellow highlight)
Displays the Order line item detail in the Order Items pane
>Open Orders
Updates the pane
>Print Pick List
Prints the Pick List
>Print Packing Slips
Prints the Packing List (Delivery Note). You can configure these Templates on Sales>Delivery Notes>Config>Templates
>Ready to Ship
Display a list of Orders that are ready to ship
>Ship Orders
Ship selected Orders
Display the relevant Packing information for the selected Order. You can enter the tracking number here
Order Items pane
Displays a list of selected Orders where they are in their respective fulfillment workflow
>Select a Line Item (yellow highlight))
Displays the Item in the 'Pickable Stock by location' pane enabling the user to see the Locations(s) from where the Item can be picked
>Edit Item Qty
You need user permission to do this. Go to Admin, select the user, and check ‘Allow quantity editing on Goods Out’.
Click on the underscored Qty, a modal box (pop up) will appear, in here you can edit the Qty.
Stock Assigned to Order pane
Displays Items assigned to Orders by Pick actions, plus the, Location, Status (Picked, Packed, etc), Serial#/Lot, Sales U/M and Qty information.
Opens Pack Stock modal box (pop up window).
Pack stock modal box:
Select 'New', opens Container modal box. When you have chosen the Container etc, you can enter the quantity(s) per selected box(es) here.
Container modal box:
Choose a container 'Type' (see Config). Add a Tag Name or a Tracking # to give this specific Container a unique ID. You can add dimensions and weight of the packed item(s) here.
Reverse the Pick
Pickable stock by Location pane
Displays selected Item by Location(s)
> Select a Line Item
Displays the pickable Item(s) in the 'Pickable Stock at location' pane. A list will be displayed if the Item is in multiple locations
Pickable stock at location pane
Displays pickable Item instances by Location
Displays the Pick modal box (pop up window) from which can specify the number of items to pick. The result will display in the 'Stock Assigned to Order' (Stock assignment) pane.
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