Goods In

On the Goods In Tab, you can manage and track the receipt of Purchase Orders.

Goods In - need to know

Open Purchase Orders appear in the Open PO's pane on this tab. Which 'Site' the PO shows up in is determined by the 'Site' setting on the PO (and obviously the Shipping address).
You can use the Actions on the panes as an alternative to the Barcode scanner.
Don’t forget to set the receiving Location to ‘Can receive’ - See 'Locations'.
Click the
icon to configure columns.

Goods In accounting process

Depending upon your accounting organization and processes you can configure the workflow for receiving Items to automatically create or not create the Item Receipt on completing the receiving of all items on a Purchase Order. See 'Config'.

Panes and >Actions

Purchase Orders pane
List of open Purchase Orders
>Open POs
Lists open Purchase Orders
>Select (row/PO) (yellow highlight)
Displays respective Purchase Order Line Item detail in 'Purchase Order Item' pane
Purchase Order Items pane
Purchase Order Line Item detail of the selected Purchase Order
>Select (row/PO) (yellow highlight)
Displays Stock received for respective Item in 'Purchase Order Stock Received' pane
>Receive (Items)
Receive the Items on this row.
Stock received on Purchase Order pane
Displays the received status of Items on the selected Purchase Order
Print Labels
For received stock - select using the checkboxes

Receive Action popup window

If you receive Purchase Order Items using the Action 'Receive' on the Purchase Order Items pane, the system will display a pop up window.
The window has four controls:
Select Location ('can receive' checked)
All Items are received
Receive Complete
More or less than expected Items received

Under and over receiving thresholds and workflow

The receive workflow is designed to manage discrepancies in incoming stock quantities.
You can configure a tolerance for discrepancies whether the quantity received is less or more than the amount recorded on the Purchase order.
You’ll find this 'Receive PO' configuration on the Config tab. Here you can specify the under/over receive tolerance as a percentage of the original quantity on the PO.
If the user records a discrepancy the system will automatically adjust the original quantity on the Purchase Order.
If the received quantity exceeds the tolerance threshold the user will be prevented from completing the receive process for that Item.
Click the 'Receive Complete' action tells the WMS you’ve finished receiving the current PO line completely.
Whereas clicking OK means you have just received the quantity of stock specified.
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