TAP: Trade Acceleration Portal

The TAP is a self service B2B ecommerce portal and part of your system. It shares the same database, requires no integration, and there's no fee to deploy multiple TAPs serving different purposes.

Need to know

Your Customers and Independent Sales Reps (aka Agents) can log into the TAP to serve themselves and trade with you.
A TAP eliminates most of the traditional effort required to serve Customers and Sales Reps.
Save at least $15K per annum in time and costs: Based upon 240 days in the working year, our research shows customer facing workers in wholesalers spend 93 days or 40% of their time in a year answering customer calls and emails. At $20 an hour thats over $15K per year wasted.
  • Completely customizable
  • Deploy multiple TAPs at no additional cost
  • Embed TAPs in your web pages
  • Send TAP links via email
  • Responsive and work on mobile devices
  • Add users, and access permissions

TAP key functions

Below is a List of TAP functions.
Access to Functions is configurable. See ‘TAP configuration’.
(1) Customers and Contacts are not visible to Customers.
(2) Pay Invoices, Balance, and Users are not visible to Reps.
Function Tab
Customers (1)
A searchable and selectable list of Customers owned by the logged in Sales Rep. The row displays the respective Customer balance.
Contacts (1)
A searchable and selectable list of Customer contacts owned by the logged in Sales Rep.
Search and review product availability and detail including pricing adjusted as per the price lists (See Price Lists) assigned to customers.
‘Shopping Basket’
Items added to a Sales Order are displayed here.
Users can select from Billing and Shipping addresses held on record for the Customer.
Users can add or modify billing and shipping addresses.
Users can enter their Purchase Order number in the ‘Customer ref field’.
List of searchable and sortable Quotes. Users can drill down, review and print Quotes.
List of searchable and sortable Orders. Users can drill down, review and print Orders.
List of searchable and sortable Shipments. Users can drill down, review and print Shipments.
List of searchable and sortable Invoices. Users can drill down, review and print Invoices.
‘Pay Invoices’ (2)
Users can find, select and make full or partial payments for Invoices using ACH or Card. See ‘TAP Configuration.’ for details on Payment processing.
‘Balance’ (2)
A List of all Accounts Receivable transactions for the Customer.
A List of Payments and their respective status.
‘Users’ (2)
A List of Users. Users with the appropriate permissions can add users here.
The 'Search' function is permanently displayed in the top right hand corner of the TAP user interface.
An additional Category filter which works in conjunction with the Search function can be enabled on the Product List, Grid, and Detail pages. See here to configure.
This filter tool has two actions:


Use this control to specify if any or all of the categories selected filter the Search.


This dropdown displays a list of categories.
Click on a category to select and add it to the field so it becomes an active filter on the search results.

Create a TAP

Login as Master Administrator and goto Setup>Shopping Carts>New Trade Acceleration Portal.
Enter up to 10 characters to name the TAP and Save.
You'll need to configure your TAP before deployment and assign login credentials to TAP users.
The following 'Portal' settings are being deprecated and don't affect the TAP:
Customer>Configure>Customer Portal (both settings)
Customer>Profile>Customer Portal>Enable Portal Shopping Cart

Add logo to the TAP login and home pages

Logo image size? Begin with an image 600 pixels wide and as tall as you need to preserve the aspect ratio. Change the image size so as it works on a mobile as well as a desktop device.
Go to the TAP Configuration page. This is accessible by Master Administrators from the Gear icon on the TAP window footer or Login page.
Scroll down to 'Home Page'.
Click 'Configure' on the index.html row.
Click 'Select Image'.
The File Manager will be displayed.
To upload the logo image, click on the 'Upload' action.
Locate and upload your logo image (click 'Start Upload').
Click 'Return to Files List'
Click on the filename you just uploaded.
Click 'Save' (the system will not confirm you've saved the setting).
Click 'View Cart'.
The TAP user login page will be displayed.
Check the size of the logo.
If necessary, resize the image to upload, and repeat the above steps.

Copy a TAP

Setup>Shopping Carts>
Open the TAP you want to copy
Create Copy
Enter up to 10 characters to name the TAP and Save.

TAP Configuration page

From the configuration page you can customize elements of the user experience (UX).
This is accessible by Master Administrators from the Gear icon on the TAP window footer or Login page.


Cart Access: Specify or disable Trading partner access.
Ordering: Enable the Shopping Basket, allow order editing and cancellation, Display price and tax, configure trading partner order types to be orders and/or quotes.
Products: Configure Item type visibility, site stock visibility, include/exclude products displayed by classes, dynamically reduce displayed stock levels by quantities on TAP orders.
Default List Sizes: Configure rows to display.
Product View: Choose List or Grid.


Stock Level Visibility: Y/N?
Customer/Contact Permissions: Allow the edit and creation.
Ordering: Edit Quotes | Create pending orders from quotes.
Unused Payments and Balance: Display Y/N?
Worker Sidebar Actions: Display Key Function(s)


Registration: Customers can register Y/N? - Contact [email protected] to setup.
Taking Payments: Enable ACH and Card payments. See PAYA (Paragon).
Stock Level Visibility: Y/N?
Ordering: Edit Quotes | Create pending orders from quotes.
Unused Payments and balance: Display Y/N?
Customer Sidebar Actions: Display Key Function(s)

Custom JS (Javascript)

Use this placeholder.

Home page - index.html

Company strapline adds a string of bolded text to the Login page.
Company login page image - upload an image.
Company logo - upload an image to be displayed in the top LH corner of pages within the TAP.
For guidance on how to upload images and use the File manager see this video.
For example, add a logo to the TAP login page.

Product List, Grid, and Detail .html

There is a checkbox to enable the Category filter tool to display on these pages:
  • product_list.html
  • product_grid.html
  • product_detail.html

Other pages:

You can Edit or substitute HTML and Configure Column views.
The system displays a check mark against pages that have been customized.
You can reset to fall back to the standard page design.
You can add new pages here.

File Manager

The TAP File manager enables users to upload and store the following file types:
  • Images (jpg, png, etc.)
  • Videos (mp4, mov, etc.)
  • .txt
  • .log
  • .html
  • .htm
  • .xml
  • .js
  • .css
Users can create folders to organize files.

Embed / Share a TAP

Setup>Shopping Carts>Your TAP>Embed/Share
Use the embed in a web page code or link to deploy or share your TAP.
If you're stuck, tell your web designer you need help 'embedding an iFrame', or email [email protected]
There is an option to present TAP users with a popup modal* login window.
To embed this, just before the body tag close </body> put the following code:
<script id="_tap" account="424XXX" cart="My Cart" src="http://login.salesorder.com/salesorder/socart/login/login.js"></script>
Where 424XXX and MyCart are the account number and TAP cart name respectively.
Create a login href link like this
<a class = "_tap" >Login</a>
Note the link can have extra classes as required.
*A modal box or lightbox displays in front of and deactivates all other page content. To return to the main content, the user must engage with the modal and complete an action or close the box.

Add TAP users

Customers can add users: Grant a customer access to your TAP, and they can login and grant access including permissions to their coworkers.

Grant a single customer access

Customer>Profile>Customer Portal>
Enable the Login, add the credentials.
When you click Save the Customer the system will send an email to the main contact with the credentials embedded in this email template:
Setup>Email Templates>Customer login details reminder
See Email Templates to customize.

Grant an independent sales rep access

Create the Worker
Set the Worker Type to Sales Rep
Worker>Login Details>
Enable Login
Set Username and Password
Set Role to Portal Only

Grant a customer user permission to add their designated user(s)

Go to the TAP Configuration Page. This is accessible by Master Administrators from the Gear icon on the TAP window footer or Login page.
Go to Customers settings
Make sure the sidebar action Users is checked.
Email your Customer a personalized Loom Video with instructions.

Need more functionality?

We're here to help: [email protected]