Approvals - need to know

You can configure a User’s Role to enable them to approve specific Documents (Sales and Purchase Orders, Expenses and Timesheets) and manage Credit control on Customer transactions.

Approver Permissions on Sales and Purchase Orders

On Sales and Purchase Orders there are two fields ‘Approval’ and ‘Authorised by’. These work in concert to control the subsequent behavior of the respective Documents. For example a Sales Order has to be approved before you can allocate Stock, and a Purchase Order has to be approved before you can create a Bill (Purchase Invoice).
You can enable Approval via the configuration of the Role assigned to the Worker. The ‘Authorised by’ field is populated with the Worker’s name when you change the Approval status on the Document, i.e. Approved.
Users need the relevant permission to change the value of this field: Values are: Approved, Not Approved, Submitted, Rejected. See ‘Using Approvals’

Approvals by Workers on Credit control

You can set a Role to be able to control a user’s ability to regulate the credit status of a Customer specifically:
  • On Sales Orders there is a check box to place the order on ‘credit hold’
  • Perform actions on the Customer List to ‘Set on hold status’ and ‘Take off hold status’.
  • Approve documents with status PENDING (CREDIT)
Note there are two check boxes related to Credit on a Role:
  • Approval Permissions>Customer Credits.
  • Customers>Change customer status ‘On Hold’

Approvals by Workers on Expenses and Timesheets

On Expense and Timesheet Documents there are two fields ‘Approval’ and ‘Authorised by’. If the Role is configured to give the user permission to approve these Documents then the Line items on:
  • Expense Documents will be posted to the respective Expense accounts in the General Ledger.
  • Timesheets will be posted to the respective Jobs.