Solution Journey

A high level overview of your journey from evaluation to going live.

SKU Modelling

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Solution Overviews

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The solution overviews course will help you to quickly understand each of the key functions and get an overall understanding of our solution.


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In the Immersion course you will:
  1. 1.
    Learn the basic user controls and navigation.
  2. 2.
    Get access to your system.
  3. 3.
    Set up some of your ASICS (Accounts, Suppliers, Items, Customers, Stock levels). You'll need ASICS data to support trying out and evaluating your workflows.
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    Take a deeper dive into each of the key functions.

On demand expert help

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We're here to help, just make an appointment here.

Warehouse management system?

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If you need the Warehouse management system (WMS), you'll need to go study the WMS course. If you're not sure just make an appointment here. Our team of experts will help you decide.


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There are three courses on accounting. We encourage you to invite your accounting team to run through these.
These are structured around the most common roles:
  • General accounting
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable.

Setup and Implement

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You'll need a blueprint to successfully implement your system. Your blueprint outlines how each user, or group of users, will work with the system and how it should be configured.
We provide an easy to follow guide to help you think about your blueprint, and we’re always here by appointment to be your sounding board and coach.
The Setup course shows you the order in which you configure your system settings.
To move your data we provide a simple to follow and fast data migration method.
We recommend you take time to explore the reporting, and book time with time with our Power BI experts to help you explore and exploit your data in ways you could not previously have imagined using Excel and other tools.

Train users and test

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How and when people like you engage and train their users, varies based on the size and type of wholesale operations.
We urge you to get your users registered in the learning center and logged into salesorder as early as possible.
And we’re always here to help, create new lessons, or even show you how to cut your own training videos.
Testing is the cornerstone of a good implementation. The blueprint guide gives you advice about how to appoint key users. These key people should work with their teams to create, document, and perform tests on their respective workflows and exceptions.
We have a saying, you should go live before you go live. What we mean is, a full dress rehearsal just to make sure everything is working as you, and every one of your users expect, and all of the numbers add up and balance.
It’s worth setting aside a weekend to do this, and we can copy your entire system for this dry run.
Again, we’re here to help and advise as needed.

Operations (Live)

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It’s entirely your call when you go live, you’ll need to set your opening balances and make sure your customers and our support team are aware of the event.